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The goal of correctly formatting and writing a resume is simple. Get noticed in seconds when recruiters review your resume. To capture the attention and pique the curiosity of recruiters, pay close attention to every section of your resume, from contact details to your resume work history, education, language and skills. Creating a customized resume makes your job search easier and your application more effective. As a result, you will get more interviews.

In addition to the globally acceptable pattern of writing a solid and effective resume, there are some local laws of every country that you need to follow when writing your resume for open positions in Dubai. These may differ from what you are used to in your home country, but they are expected in Dubai and should always be followed. If you don’t know about these norms, you can

Country of Citizenship:

The nationality on your passport should be listed under personal information on your resume, and sometimes even the best CV writing services do not talk to you about it when they make CVs for you. If you have dual nationality, please fill in both.


In Dubai, companies like job applicants to use their photos on their resumes. For multinational companies and senior positions, it tends to be less common. However, for all customer-facing jobs, this is critical. Make sure you are well-groomed and professionally dressed and have a smile on your face. And avoid taking selfies and never use them for CVs. Female applicants should avoid excessive exposure. Provocative photos should be avoided, as using them may risk your CV. The CV writing services ensure you add the best picture suitable for a formal document to your CV.


Work Experience:

If you worked for a well-known and reputable company in your home market, your prospects with employers in your home country might improve. However, the at-home experience may only open a few doors unless this company is well-known in Dubai. To address this issue, adding a short company description to your resume is essential to explain its value and importance.


The university you graduated from may be the most prestigious in your home country, but it may still need to be discovered in Dubai. If you are particularly proud of your university, add a description reflecting the knowledge and experience you gained from your college.


Especially certifications from international organizations are more likely to be recognized in Dubai than national certifications in your home country, so you should emphasize the credentials you have obtained in your resume. If you have any certificates or licenses from the Dubai government, mention them.

Driver’s License:

It may be necessary for some sales positions requiring extensive travel within Dubai or neighboring cities.

Status of residence:

If you are already in Dubai when applying for a job, you must provide your visa status, whether a visitor, work, or dependent visa.

Many employers strongly prefer candidates who can respond quickly without contacting their current employer or going through the visa change process. If you’re not working and can start working soon, it’s best to let them know.

Resume Length:

HR professionals can read only short resumes to assess a candidate’s qualifications. A 1-2 page resume is a good length, even if you have decades of experience. Be clear and concise.

While it is common in certain countries to have many attachments (e.g. passports, diplomas, certificates, etc.) on resumes, this is different in Dubai and may even discourage employers. Please submit your resume without attachments and provide additional documents only upon request.

Keep In Mind The Availability of Discrimination Laws

The most important thing to know when applying for jobs in the Middle East is that many countries do not have anti-discrimination laws. For example, in Dubai, it is not against the law for an employer to disclose the age, gender, ethnicity or nationality of any eligible person. If you live in a Western country, you don’t have to consider these factors when writing your resume.

It means employers in Dubai and throughout the Middle East are free to ask questions, look for particular physical characteristics and characteristics, and judge you as they see fit. You will only be interviewed if your resume includes these elements.

Other Style Guides To Consider

Finally, there are some style guidelines to remember when writing your resume for employment in the Middle East. Recruiters want to know as much about you as possible. So make sure to expand your resume beyond one page. If you need two pages to highlight the value your hire brings to your company, use two pages. As much as possible, glorify the work you’ve done in the past.